The creation of MASST is the outcome of more than twenty years of experience in the domains of the maritime safety and security, spent within the French maritime Administration, then within private Shipping Company:

  • Management of a team of 25 surveyors, to ensure the Flag survey of the commercial, fishing and sailing ships and the Port State Control of the foreign ships,
  • Audits of ships and French companies (according to the international Codes ISM and ISPS),
  • Management of a Regional committee for the safety in charge of the study and the delivery of commercial, fishing and commercial sailing ships,
  • Training for the "safety" at the School of the Maritime Safety in Nantes,  
  • Management of crews and followed by the maintenance of 7 tugs,
  • Initialization of a management system quality accordingly with the ISM code.


  • Mission of expertise and consultant with the World Bank (tab “Safety”).
  • Surveys and maritime expertise in sailing (damage, evaluation), commercial ships (bulk, passengers, and tankers), shipping for insurance firms in partnership with the Office DELTA SOLUTIONS, the Commissaire aux avaries in Fort de France, the Clubs (P&I, Lloyd’s) or at request of private individuals. (tab “Safety”). 
  • Studies, implementations and audits of procedures for certifications ISM , ISPS of companies and ships (realization of the certification of the Company Transports Express Caraibes ) (tab “Audit”) .
  • Studies of specifications and accompaniment within the framework of shipbuilding’s (bulk, fishing, or passengers ships, less than 500, and Commercial sailing ships)  (tab “Safety”).
  • Trainings in all the domains of the maritime safety and security
    (tab “Training”).

GRADUATES and Certifications

  • ISM Senior auditor (Bureau VERITAS’s certification)
  • ISPS Senior auditor (certification CSO/SSO)
  • Port state control officer / CGO (2001)
  • Diploma of management (ISOCEL INSTITUTE 2001)
  • Diploma of Technical and administrative Officer of the Maritime Affairs (1992)
  • Diploma of electronic engineer in the French navy